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January 27, 2022
by Aesthetics for Birds

Polite Conversations: Philosophers Discuss the Arts

A YouTube series features interviews with philosophers about their work in aesthetics and the philosophy of art. Continue reading

May 25, 2018
by utahphilosoraptor

Fearless Girl on the Move?

Latest development in the Fearless Girl case, brought to you only three weeks late courtesy of yrs truly and the end of the semester: the city wants the girl moved, citing traffic and safety concerns. I can’t imagine that any one was surprised by this decision, given the statue’s story as an advertisement playing opposite an iconic piece of guerilla art. It was unlikely that it would stay forever. And at 250 pounds, it hardly presents the obstacle to removal that Charging Bull did; it’s a much easier call.

November 11, 2017
by utahphilosoraptor

Jury in 5pointz Lawsuit Agrees with Artists!

(AfB was way ahead of the game on the 5Pointz lawsuit.  Just saying.) So the jury’s back with a recommendation, and the jury has decided that when Gerald Wolkoff whitewashed the graffiti mecca at 5Pointz, he broke the law; under VARA, he should have given the artists sufficient notice so that they could preserve or remove their artwork.  The judge gets the final say on the verdict and on any penalty, but the jury’s decision is still a big deal, as this marks the first time that VARA has been decided by a jury in court. The artists argued, under VARA, that their work was of reasonable public stature, and so they needed to be given 90 days notice.  If the news reports are correct, the lawyers for the developer argued that VARA was irrelevant, because the case concerns property, and presumably they argued that street art didn’t qualify for … Continue reading

October 17, 2017
by utahphilosoraptor
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The Intrigue of Anonymity

  Banksy arrested!  Unmasked!  Exposed! [youtube] Breaking fake news, as it turns out, created by a guy who has developed an Andy-Kaufmanesque approach to creating hoaxes, delighting in particular when his hoaxes get picked up by mainstream news sites.  The hoax article by Jimmy Rustling (how did the Internet not catch this? Come on, Internet.) mixes fiction with fact, and probably would make an excellent example for those interested in knowledge, the propagation of fake news, echo chambers and the like, (cough, cough), but I wondered: Why does Banksy bother with anonymity?  Banksy’s identity isn’t public, but the rough consensus is that Banksy is probably male, probably British, probably white, probably from Bristol, and probably in his forties.  Banksy has claimed that they’re anonymous because their work is illegal, but this seems not to capture the entirety of it.  Someone that worried about arrest wouldn’t publicize their work on … Continue reading

April 18, 2017
by utahphilosoraptor

Mary Beth Willard Revisits “Fearless Girl” Statue

What follows is a guest post by Mary Beth Willard (Weber State University) When I last wrote about Fearless Girl, I observed that the meaning of the little Bull-challenging statue will lie in its interaction with the public, who for the moment has claimed it as an icon of feminism, capturing the vivacity of little girls at that tender age where they still dare to dream. Fearless Girl reportedly now has a permit through 2018, and this has angered none other than the creator of Charging Bull, Arturo di Modica, who has asked for Fearless Girl to be relocated, because it’s making his Bull into a villain.

November 17, 2016
by Aesthetics for Birds

AFB X JAAC Discussions: Chackal on Street Art

Welcome to the second AFB x JAAC Discussion! Today, we will be discussing a paper by Tony Chackal (University of Georgia) called “Of Materiality and Meaning: The Illegality Condition in Street Art” from the Fall 2016 volume, 74 (4) of the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism (JAAC). It’s available online here and in the print version, which members should have received recently. And big thanks to Christiane Merritt (Washington University in St. Louis) for providing the critical précis. Chackal’s response follows that, and they will both be available to discuss your questions and thoughts in the comments thread! Check it all out below the fold.

November 11, 2016
by Aesthetics for Birds

*Reminder* AFB X JAAC Discussions #2: Chackal on Street Art

Just a reminder that the second AFB x JAAC Discussion this year will appear in one week, on Thursday, November 17! We will be discussing a paper by Tony Chackal (University of Georgia) called “Of Materiality and Meaning: The Illegality Condition in Street Art” from JAAC’s Fall 2016 volume, 74 (4). It’s available online here and in the print version, which members should have received recently. Abstract below the fold. Christiane Merritt (Washington University in St. Louis) will be providing the critical précis, and Chackal will provide a response. And they will both be available for discussion in the comments afterward. Mark it in your calendars, and we hope to see you then!

June 27, 2015
by Aesthetics for Birds

AFB Artworld Roundtable: 5pointz Lawsuit

This is the first in a new series at Aesthetics for Birds called AFB Artworld Roundtable, where Philosophers of Art provide their take on a particular recent artworld event or news story. Artists Sue 5Pointz Owner & Developers Nine artists have filed a federal lawsuit against the owner and related developers of the famous graffiti shrine 5Pointz in Queens. The suit claims the Defendents: “destroyed mutilated, modified and defaced each and every one of the works of art installed by Plaintiffs on 5Pointz… [without] notice in writing regarding their intent to destroy the artwork nor did they afford Plaintiffs…a period of 90 days after receiving such notice either to remove the work or pay for its removal.” The full story can be found here. The Roundtable K.E. Gover, Mary Beth Willard, Darren Hick, Erin Thompson

March 10, 2015
by Aesthetics for Birds

Street Art Conference Scrapbook

Thanks to Nick Riggle for a terrific Artists Panel featuring Tatyana Fazlalizadeh ELBOW-TOE HOTTEA Leon Reid IV Thursday’s Snow-pocalypse and Pratt officially closing two hours prior could not deter these brave folks from the appointed Artists Panel The Super Sucklord & Roy “I don’t walk around proving math theorems” Cook.   Winner of the Farthest Traveled Philosopher Award: Ulrich Blanche Even Nick Riggle’s Note-Taking is Stylish  Keynote Speaker Allison Young politely demonstrates that she knows about Street Art than everyone else in the room combined  The Risky, Dangerous, & Totally Audacious Tony Chackal (also pictured Shelby Moser, Mary-Beth Willard, Sondra Bacharach, Chris Nagel, Christiane Merritt) Session Dictator Christy Mag Uidhir’s Authoritarian Arm of Efficient Q&A Doom Early Bird Attendees Enjoying Chris Nagel’s Saturday Opener Organizer Nick Riggle Haunted by the Image of the Already Paid-For Conference Poster with No Listed Talk Times A satiated Christy Mag Uidhir with an enraged … Continue reading