Aesthetics for Birds

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Street Art Conference Scrapbook


Thanks to Nick Riggle for a terrific Artists Panel featuring
Tatyana Fazlalizadeh
Leon Reid IV

Thursday’s Snow-pocalypse and Pratt officially closing two hours prior could not deter these brave folks from the appointed Artists Panel
The Super Sucklord & Roy “I don’t walk around proving math theorems” Cook.  
Winner of the Farthest Traveled Philosopher Award:
Ulrich Blanche
Even Nick Riggle’s Note-Taking is Stylish 
Keynote Speaker Allison Young politely demonstrates that she knows about Street Art than everyone else in the room combined 
The Risky, Dangerous, & Totally Audacious Tony Chackal (also pictured Shelby Moser, Mary-Beth Willard, Sondra Bacharach, Chris Nagel, Christiane Merritt)
Session Dictator Christy Mag Uidhir’s Authoritarian Arm of Efficient Q&A Doom
Early Bird Attendees Enjoying Chris Nagel’s Saturday Opener
Organizer Nick Riggle Haunted by the Image of the Already Paid-For Conference Poster with No Listed Talk Times
A satiated Christy Mag Uidhir with an enraged Henry Pratt at the studio of The Super Sucklord! Not Pictured: a significantly poorer Roy Cook.

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