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Aesthetics for Birds (AFB) is a blog that aims to bring people working in aesthetics and philosophy of art together with each other, as well as with artists, the art world, and others in philosophy and the academy. And we try to do so in a way that is accessible to the general public. We hope that this will enrich the thoughts and perspectives of our readership.


The blog was founded in June 2013 by Christy Mag Uidhir (University of Houston), who managed the blog until 2015.


Since 2016, AFB has been owned and managed by Alex King.

Alex is associate professor of philosophy at Simon Fraser University, where she works on issues at the intersection of ethics and aesthetics. She is the current Editor-in-Chief of AFB, and also frequently organizes and edits roundtable discussions, conducts AFB interviews, and contributes posts.

Additional Staff

The Assistant Editors are C. Thi Nguyen (University of Utah) and Matt Strohl (University of Montana).

In addition, there are three regular contributors: Roy T. Cook (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities), Anthony Cross (Texas State University), and Mary Beth Willard (Weber State University).

Past contributors include: Nick Stang (University of Toronto), and Rebecca Victoria Millsop (University of Rhode Island).

For brief bios of the above folks, see the posts here and here.

Getting involved

We’d love to hear from you! If you would like to…

    • get involved with AFB
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    • make a suggestion
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… then send Alex an email at aestheticsforbirds [at] gmail.
Or just tweet/DM us on Twitter @ArtFlockTweets.

If you are interested in pitching a post, please see our submission guidelines.

The cover image for Aesthetics for Birds is a detail from Plate 431, “American Flamingo” from John J Audubon’s Birds of America. Image via