Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art for Everyone


Aesthetics for Birds is a blog that aims to bring people working in aesthetics and philosophy of art together with each other, as well as with artists, the artworld, and others in philosophy and the academy. We provide a place to share interests, news, and professional concerns. We hope that this will enrich the perspectives and work of our readership.

The blog was founded in June 2013 by Christy Mag Uidhir (University of Houston), and is currently run by Alex King (University at Buffalo, SUNY) and Rebecca Victoria Millsop (MIT).

If you would like to get involved, have suggestions, or want to share something of interest, send us an email at aestheticsforbirds [at] gmail.

The cover image for Aesthetics for Birds is a detail from Plato 431, “American Flamingo” from John J Audubon’s Birds of America. Image via