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One month ago, I started the Terms of Art series. It’s been really fun, but it turns out that doing one of these every weekday is becoming exhausting. So after the first 25 (!), I’m taking a week off. I’ll be back next week!

You can see them all here. But here’s a list of what we’ve done so far (individual links included):

Week 1: Big picture terms

Week 2: More big picture terms

Week 3: Getting a bit more technical

Week 4: Important -isms

Week 5: Art world terms

Hang in there, stay safe, and see you next Monday!

p.s. In case you thought this is what was happening…
Definition: “Intermission” – a pause, usually somewhere in the middle of a long artwork (like an opera, play, etc.) or a series of performances of different artworks (like a music concert). It’s to let people buy concessions and visit bathrooms and recover a little. If you know baseball,  think seventh-inning stretch.


Author: Alex King

AFB Editor-in-Chief. Associate Professor of Philosophy at Simon Fraser University, working in ethics, metaethics, and aesthetics.

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