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1st Annual AFB Awards (The Ornies)

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Aesthetics for Birds is proud to present…

The 1st Annual AFB Awards (The Ornies)

Behold! The Ornie

  • Nominees were limited to Guest Posts and Interviews published in Aesthetics for Birds’ 1st year of operation (07/2013-07/2014) and where needed further narrowed based on total number of pageviews and comments received.
  • A panel of 7 judges reviewed all nominees then rank ordered their preferences in each category with the AFB Award going to the nominee with the greatest weighted average.
  • Winners will have their Ornie mailed to them in the form of a 3″x4″ sticker. Yes, that’s right, the Ornie is a sticker this year.

And The Ornie Goes to…

Anna Christina Ribeiro,
“The Philosophical Importance of Aesthetics”

Acceptance Speech: “I am honored to accept the first Ornie award for Outstanding Guest post and I thank Christy and the judges. Even more so I am glad that the topic of the post is getting the attention it deserves. I hope this will translate into more philosophy departments recognizing that the pervasiveness of the aesthetic in our lives should be reflected in the composition of their faculty.”—Anna Christina Ribeiro

Nominees for Outstanding Artist Interview:

And The Ornie Goes to…

The Sucklord 

Acceptance Speech: “Oh boy, Great. A fucking sticker. Where’s the free food and booze?”—The Sucklord


Nominees for Outstanding Philosopher Interview:

And The Ornie Goes to…

Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins

Acceptance Speech: “We are the 21st Century Monads and we will inevitably proceed to victory.”—Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins


That concludes the 1st Annual AFB Awards. Congrats to the winners and thanks to the judges and everyone who helped make Aesthetics for Birds a truly fantastic place for Philosophy of Art & Aesthetics–honorary Ornies to you all!!!*

*Cash value of Honorary Ornie = 1/100th of an honorary cent.

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