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September 12, 2014
by Aesthetics for Birds

1st Annual AFB Awards (The Ornies)

Aesthetics for Birds is proud to present… The 1st Annual AFB Awards (The Ornies) ********************************* Nominees were limited to Guest Posts and Interviews published in Aesthetics for Birds’ 1st year of operation (07/2013-07/2014) and where needed further narrowed based on total number of pageviews and comments received. A panel of 7 judges reviewed all nominees then rank ordered their preferences in each category with the AFB Award going to the nominee with the greatest weighted average. Winners will have their Ornie mailed to them in the form of a 3″x4″ sticker. Yes, that’s right, the Ornie is a sticker this year. ********************************* Nominees for Outstanding Guest Post: “Seven Puzzles About Pictorial Content” by Gabriel Greenberg “Wonder Works: Renovating Romanticism About Art” by Jesse Prinz “Thoughts on the Philosophy of Dance” by Aili Bresnahan “The Philosophical Importance of Aesthetics” by Anna Christina Ribeiro “A Very Practical Defence of Aesthetic Value” by … Continue reading