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ASA to Award Diversity Curriculum Grants

The American Society of Aesthetics is pleased to announce the 2017 competition for Curriculum Diversification Grants.  Up to three grants for up to $5,000 each will be awarded in 2017.  The application deadline is May 1, 2017.

Coloured lithograph, 1868, depicting a double rainbow, by René Henri Digeon after Étienne Antoine Eugène Ronjat

Grantees will develop detailed annotated reading lists, complete with background reading, that are organized into modules covering core areas in aesthetics/philosophy of art. The idea here is not to develop modules oriented primarily around gender, race, disability, etc., but, rather, to promote diversity at the heart of mainstream aesthetics and philosophy of art.  Modules should be usable in, for instance: introduction to aesthetics/philosophy of art courses; courses on particular historical figures or movements (e.g., Plato’s or Aristotle’s aesthetics, Medieval aesthetics, Scottish Enlightenment aesthetics, Continental aesthetics); courses devoted topics or problems within core areas in aesthetics/philosophy of art (e.g., Fiction, Film, Narrative, Music, Depiction, Art and Ethics, Ontology of Art, Definitions of Art, Theories of the Aesthetic).

These modules can be “diverse” in a variety of ways by: (1) centrally featuring writing by members of underrepresented groups; (2) including works that give significant philosophical attention to artworks by members of underrepresented groups or from the non-European tradition; (3) devoting significant philosophical attention to topics related to members of underrepresented groups (e.g., disability in philosophy of dance, the relevance of social standpoint to aesthetic judgment, objectification and the genre of the nude, racist jokes and the ethics of humor, implicit bias in aesthetic judgment, and so on).

Each grantee should produce at least 30 English-language readings each (including translations into English), organized according to topics (or “modules” as described above) within mainstream aesthetics. (As noted above, modules include, but certainly are not limited to: ontology of art, definitions of art, theories of the aesthetic, depiction, metaphor, imagination and make-believe, taste, beauty, art and ethics, humor, historical topics such as medieval aesthetics, or any of the individual arts.) Each suggested reading should come with an annotation of at least one paragraph that gives a general summary of the reading and explains how it fits in the broader topic of the module. The citation for the reading should indicate sufficient information so that the reading can be readily obtained by potential users for teaching (e.g., journal article in a widely available database, book chapter generally available at North American libraries). Grantees must agree to respond to one round of requested revisions when deemed necessary by the review committee.

Previous successful projects are available at:

Winning authors will retain copyright in their own modules, but the ASA reserves a non-exclusive royalty-free license to publish the winning modules for its own official purposes, including (but not limited to) publication on the ASA web site. Each author must certify that the module has not previously been published in either print or on-line media.

Applications should include:

  • Separate cover sheet with applicant’s name and contact information
  • CV
  • Detailed description of the project (no more than 1,500 words).
  • Budget and justification for the budget
    • Applicants may request funds for a summer stipend at the applicant’s regular institutional rate.
    • The budget can also include the cost of books purchased for this project.

Applications should be prepared for anonymous review, in either Word or PDF format.  The applicant’s name and contact information appearing only on a separate cover sheet and, of course, CV.  Applications will be reviewed anonymously by members of the ASA’s Diversity Committee, Feminist Caucus Committee, and Board of Trustees.  Only one proposal per applicant.  All decisions are final.  Applicants must be members of the ASA.

No grant will be awarded if, in the opinion of the judges, no proposal of sufficient merit and appropriateness is received.

Applications should be directed to A.W. Eaton, Diversity Committee Co-Chair, at:  Deadline for receipt of applications is 5 pm CDT Monday, May 1, 2017.  Grantees will be announced by Friday, June 2, 2017.  Projects due by Monday, August 21, 2017, unless otherwise requested and approved.

The complete CFA in PDF format is available here:

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New Arthur Danto/ASA Prize Announced

The American Philosophical Association and the American Society for Aesthetics are pleased to announce the establishment of the Arthur Danto/American Society for Aesthetics Prize. The prize recognizes outstanding published work in aesthetics in honor of the late Arthur Danto, a past-president of the APA-Eastern Division.

The Prize will be awarded to a member of the APA and ASA for the best paper in the field of aesthetics, broadly understood, in a refereed journal, or an original book chapter or original essay published in a collection with a multiplicity of contributors. The award will be presented in even-numbered years, commencing in 2018.

The winner will receive a $1,000 prize. In addition, a symposium in honor of the recipient of the Prize will be held at the APA Eastern Division meeting, normally the next such meeting following the selection of the prize winner. The symposium will normally include a summary of the selected paper by the award winner, followed by panelists commenting upon the ideas of the selected paper, then followed by a response from the award winner.

For the 2018 award, the nomination deadline is May 31, 2017. Nominations of papers published in 2015 and 2016 are encouraged from journal editors, authors, and colleagues. Nominations must be from a person who is a member of both APA and ASA at the time of nomination. Each such person may nominate only one paper per year and self-nominations are not permitted. The nominated material should be submitted electronically as a PDF replicating the original publication. Eligibility is governed by the volume year of the journal, regardless of the date on which the issue containing the nominated article actually appeared in print. Any individual may win the Prize only once.

In addition to providing the funds for the award, the ASA will provide travel support to the winner if that person has no other access to travel funds that could be used for the meeting during the academic year of the prize receipt. The travel funds would be determined solely on the basis of financial need, not the perceived merit of the paper.

Selection of the winner and the commentators for the symposium will be made jointly by representatives from the ASA and the APA with expertise in aesthetics, broadly understood.

For more information, please contact or

The ASA Newsletter dedicated to the memory of Arthur Danto (Issue 33.3-Winter 2013) is available here.

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1st Annual AFB Awards (The Ornies)

Aesthetics for Birds is proud to present…

The 1st Annual AFB Awards (The Ornies)

64fbe-fountaintack.jpg (840×998)
Behold! The Ornie


  • Nominees were limited to Guest Posts and Interviews published in Aesthetics for Birds’ 1st year of operation (07/2013-07/2014) and where needed further narrowed based on total number of pageviews and comments received.
  • A panel of 7 judges reviewed all nominees then rank ordered their preferences in each category with the AFB Award going to the nominee with the greatest weighted average.
  • Winners will have their Ornie mailed to them in the form of a 3″x4″ sticker. Yes, that’s right, the Ornie is a sticker this year.


Nominees for Outstanding Guest Post:

“Seven Puzzles About Pictorial Content” by Gabriel Greenberg

“Wonder Works: Renovating Romanticism About Art” by Jesse Prinz

“Thoughts on the Philosophy of Dance” by Aili Bresnahan

“The Philosophical Importance of Aesthetics” by Anna Christina Ribeiro

“A Very Practical Defence of Aesthetic Value” by Simon Fokt

“The Aesthetic Appreciation of Natural Disasters” by Helen de Cruz

“What Artworks Hide From Us” by Zee Perry

“Paying (Aesthetic) Attention” by Bence Nanay

And The Ornie Goes to…

b37b0-fountaintack.jpg (840×998)

Anna Christina Ribeiro,
“The Philosophical Importance of Aesthetics”

30e4f-anna2b2014.jpg (640×480)

Acceptance Speech: “I am honored to accept the first Ornie award for Outstanding Guest post and I thank Christy and the judges. Even more so I am glad that the topic of the post is getting the attention it deserves. I hope this will translate into more philosophy departments recognizing that the pervasiveness of the aesthetic in our lives should be reflected in the composition of their faculty.”—Anna Christina Ribeiro


Nominees for Outstanding Artist Interview:

Interview with Matthew Kadane

Interview with The Sucklord

Interview with Tesco Vee

Interview with David Orr

Interview with Curtis Gannon

Interview with Kyle Killen

And The Ornie Goes to…

b37b0-fountaintack.jpg (840×998)

The Sucklord 

762d9-headshot2b1.jpg (576×720)

Acceptance Speech: “Oh boy, Great. A fucking sticker. Where’s the free food and booze?”—The Sucklord


Nominees for Outstanding Philosopher Interview:

Interview with Troy Jollimore

Interview with Roy T. Cook

Interview with Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins

Interview with Keith Lehrer

And The Ornie Goes to…

b37b0-fountaintack.jpg (840×998)

Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins

cc979-photo2bon2b03-12-20122bat2b17-41.jpg (394×270)

Acceptance Speech: “We are the 21st Century Monads and we will inevitably proceed to victory.”—Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins


That concludes the 1st Annual AFB Awards. Congrats to the winners and thanks to the judges and everyone who helped make Aesthetics for Birds a truly fantastic place for Philosophy of Art & Aesthetics–honorary Ornies to you all!!!*

*Cash value of Honorary Ornie = 1/100th of an honorary cent.