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Philosophers’ Carnival #162

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Aesthetics for Birds is pleased to host the 162nd Philosophers’ Carnival. Get your department pools in order because here’s the 2014 March Philosophico-Blogospheric Madness Sweet Sixteen!
  • You’ll quickly run out of fingers Counting Infinities with Catarina Dutilh Novaes as she talks about the implications of numerosity as an alternative measure of infinite sets (New APPS).
  • Wolfgang Schwarz IDs Consequentialism and Voting where he challenges the civic virtue of Rule Utilitarians as compared to that over their largely thought in absentia Act Utilitarian kin (Wo’s Blog).
Of course, what would March Madness be without its Final Four, all of which just so happen to be home town favorites here at Aesthetics for Birds:
  • Harboring some burning question for Malcolm Budd or Paul Guyer but you’re too afraid to ask? Well, Hans Maes Needs your Help! Help Hans help you help Hans. 
  • Behold my Interview with Philosopher & LEGO Sculptor Roy Cook to see what theorem provin’, comics lovin’, LEGO sculptin’ bad-ass logician Roy T. Cook has to say about art, sculpture, and complex mosaics of celebrities made out of tiny plastic bricks. 
Finally, since March was an especially nasty month for the philosophical blogosphere, I’ve decided to award the top seed in the Philosophers’ Carnival Bracket to Surprised Kitty

That’s it for the 162nd edition of Philosophers’ Carnival. Look for the 163rd edition next month at The Indian Philosophy Blog.

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