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April 15, 2015
by Aesthetics for Birds

Philosophers’ Carnival #174

Welcome to the 174thPhilosophers’ Carnival.  My apologies for getting this to you so late. I had to bring the place up to code.  Please Enjoy the Rides. ******************************* Let’s kick out the blogospheric jams first with some Aesthetics for Birds. AFB has a real treat for all you art-lovers: An Interview with Rachel Hecker, award-winning visual artist and painter. ******************************* Those hungry for some Collingwood & Dewey should head on over to Bag of Raisins to strap on the positive feedbagback loop of beauty (patent pending). ******************************* Over at The Prosblogion, Rik Peels deals a blow to lazy atheists everywhere by arguing the belief that God does not exist cannot be produced by a mechanism that is both truth-oriented and reliable. As such, atheism cannot be a properly basic belief—i.e., must get its warrant from argument. ******************************* Yet another entry in the seemingly endless nightmare that is the human brain can be found … Continue reading

April 10, 2014
by Aesthetics for Birds

Philosophers’ Carnival #162

Aesthetics for Birds is pleased to host the 162nd Philosophers’ Carnival. Get your department pools in order because here’s the 2014 March Philosophico-Blogospheric Madness Sweet Sixteen! Eric Schwitzgebel discusses Our Duties to Moral Monsters in preparation for the coming Artificially-Intelligent Utility-Monster Apocalypse (The Splintered Mind). You’ll quickly run out of fingers Counting Infinities with Catarina Dutilh Novaes as she talks about the implications of numerosity as an alternative measure of infinite sets (New APPS). Richard Yetter Chappell in The Argument from Intelligibility for Moral Realism wonders if the metaphysical possibility derived from moral realism’s intelligibility in concert with the necessary truth of at least one fundamental moral claim makes a prima facie positive case for moral realism (Philosophy et cetera). Wolfgang Schwarz IDs Consequentialism and Voting where he challenges the civic virtue of Rule Utilitarians as compared to that over their largely thought in absentia Act Utilitarian kin (Wo’s Blog). If you can be bothered, then you should check out Joshua Knobe’s summary … Continue reading