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Philosophers’ Carnival #174


Welcome to the 174thPhilosophers’ Carnival

My apologies for getting this to you so late. I had to bring the place up to code.

 Please Enjoy the Rides.


Let’s kick out the blogospheric jams first with some Aesthetics for Birds. AFB has a real treat for all you art-lovers: An Interview with Rachel Hecker, award-winning visual artist and painter.


Those hungry for some Collingwood & Dewey should head on over to Bag of Raisins to strap on the positive feedbagback loop of beauty (patent pending).


God Detector: if God exists and nearby, you’ll be the first to know!

Over at The Prosblogion, Rik Peels deals a blow to lazy atheists everywhere by arguing the belief that God does not exist cannot be produced by a mechanism that is both truth-oriented and reliable. As such, atheism cannot be a properly basic belief—i.e., must get its warrant from argument.


Yet another entry in the seemingly endless nightmare that is the human brain can be found at In Search of Logic. Learn how to unlock ancient mysteries, bend others to your will, heal them with but your words, and probably also shoot lasers from your eyes, all courtesy of the thing that brought you such classics as GenocideRacismAll Around Terribleness, and more recently Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.


Terence Cuneo at PEA Soup lays a trap for expressivists looking to dip their grubby mitts into the realist cookie jar — the thick expressivist fist swollen with semi-sweet realist treats cannot work its way back out of the jar and so must relinquish its bounty for thin expressivist crumbs insufficient to motivate any further incursion.


Alexander Pruss, determined to preserve a satisfying necessity, resists the neo-conventionalist temptation promising him definitional dominion over all even numbers.


68fd2-ted2bbundy.jpg (520×400)
NOT John Danaher

When presented with cases of Psychopaths who’ve murdered and tortured countless human beings as well as untold numbers of puppies and kitty cats, John Danaher asks (in what for dramatic purposes I suppose must be a cold, disquieting manner):Can you blame them?


Eric Schwitzgebel continues playing the blame game at The Splintered Mind, asking after blameworthiness for unwelcome thoughts and spontaneous actions. Assholes are blameworthy as such. However, some assholes don’t want to be assholes. Are they blameworthy for what we suppose is their wholly unwelcome, spontaneous, and uncontrolled asshole thoughts and asshole reactions? Sure. They’re assholes.


ba5c6-batman.jpg (640×255)
Send copies of Free Will, Agency, and Meaning in Life to:
Bruce Wayne Batman
c/o Com. Jim Gordon
Gotham City

Susan Dwyer at Flicker of Freedom provides an extensive treatment on the connection between the free-will belief and retributivist punishment—dialing down credence in the former translates into diminished amount of the latter. The lesson here of course is that perhaps its not the best idea to remind others that you are a human being and certainly not a great idea to demand you be treated as such.

731e4-batman-the-killing-joke-cropped.jpg (1600×846)
See! The Joker gets it!


Tristan Haze at Sprachlogik again but whets the appetite for the coming philosophical feast of de re modality.

6fb34-images.jpg (311×162)

There’s de re modality.
Then there’s de Rudy Ray modality.


Finally, want to know more about the Neo-Carnapian Metametaphysical Revolution currently sweeping the Philosophical Nation? Try Carnap Blog.


  1. Very nicely put together. I'm glad you clarified that I am not Ted Bundy.

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