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Whispers of Power #15 *final Installment!*


Announcement: This is the final entry in the Whispers of Power series. Thanks to all of you who have gotten involved so far! You’ve made it a great series.

Remember: if your caption wins, it will be drawn into the partially finished artwork you see below, and your caption + the below image will become the final artwork, on which you will be listed as an official collaborator! You will also receive, by mail, a print of the final version.

Good luck!


House of Cards, Season 4, Episode 13, 55:33

Title: Terror

Description: “We do not fear terror. We are the terror.” The house of Claire and Frank Underwood appears to collapse, and then they utter these words. This climactic scene that ends the show’s fourth season, and we are left afraid and uncertain. A timely message given that, in today’s political climate, we are also left wondering whether there is anything past fear and uncertainty.

Readers, please help us by supplying a caption for this image! As a reminder, the winning caption will be hand-drawn into the blank space below the image. The reader who supplies the winning caption will receive a signed print and be named an official collaborator for this piece. Submit captions below in the comments!

Contest closes next Saturday (3/4) at noon (US, EST). Winner announced that Sunday. Keep tabs on the project and contest at the project website here, review the details of it at the previous post here, or see previous posts in this series here.


  1. “Away, and mock the time with fairest show: False face must hide what the false heart doth know“


  2. This piece has real meaning for me. In the series, it is the final picture. Facing the terror let terror emerge. It was fantastic to draw that, the relationship is at its power. A perfect ending for the series.

  3. “To make any thing very terrible, obscurity seems to be necessary.” – Edmund Burke

  4. “Perhaps everything terrible is in its deepest being something helpless that wants help from us.” -Rilke

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