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Whispers of Power #7



House of Cards, Season 3, episode 2, 36:48

Title: Conference

Description: After fighting his way to the presidency, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) moves forward with his plans. Imagining a cooperative and supportive administration, he is surprised to find that they see him as a stepping stone, an intermediate solution until their next, real candidate can be elected and installed. How can he win them, and the American people, over?

(Of course, this is not like any real life current events….)

Readers, please help us by supplying a caption for this image! As a reminder, the winning caption will be hand-drawn into the blank space below the image. The reader who supplies the winning caption will receive a signed print and be named an official collaborator for this piece. Submit captions below in the comments!

Contest closes Saturday at noon (US, EST). Winner announced Sunday. Next piece up in one week! Keep tabs on the project and contest at the project website here, review the details of it at the previous post here, or see previous posts in this series here.


  1. Painting this piece I was intrigued by the fine design of power and its way to play it back. Your can nearly smell the tension in the room. It takes us, the audience, on a not ending rollercoaster. We thought there is a relieve after reaching the presidency, a moment to breathe, but the play rolls on to its next level.

    Hope to see some good quotes this week.

  2. How is that?
    “Your Spirits shine through you. Within this hour at most I will advice you where to plant yourselves”


  3. To be a leader
    To be a liar
    To be honest
    One needs the courage to be
    In the limelight

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