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Fab Flock Five 2015



In response to the absence of Philosophical Aesthetics in the Philosopher’s Annual, AFB has started annually recognizing excellent work in the field. We have dubbed this the “AFB Fab Flock Five”. And it’s time for the 2015 edition!

A panel of ten judges were tasked with nominating what they thought to be particularly outstanding papers in Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art published in 2015 (judges could not nominate their own work). From those nominations, five papers were selected.

We present to you…

The 2015 AFB Fab Flock Five

Dominic McIver Lopes. Aesthetic Experts, Guides to Value. Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 73 (3): 235-246.

Nick Riggle. On the Aesthetic Ideal. British Journal of Aesthetics, 55 (4): 433-447.

Eva Dadlez, Ink, Art, and Expression: Philosophical Questions about Tattoos. Philosophy Compass 10 (11): 739-753.

Mohan Matthen. Play, Skill, and the Origins of Perceptual Art. British Journal of Aesthetics 55 (2): 173-197.

Nils-Hennes Stear. Imaginative and Fictionality Failure. Philosopher’s Imprint 15 (34): 1-18.

Thanks to our judges and congratulations to the winners!


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