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AFB Fab Flock Five 2014


In response to the complete and continued neglect of Philosophical Aesthetics by Philosophers’ Annual, last year began AFB’s annual recognition of outstanding work in the field dubbed The AFB Annual Fab Flock Five. Well, it’s that time again!

A panel of seven judges were tasked with nominating what they thought to be particularly outstanding papers in Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art published in 2014 (judges could not nominate their own work). From those nominations, five papers were selected.

I present to you…

The 2014 AFB Fab Flock Five

Shen-yi Liao, Nina Strohminger, & Chandra Sekhar Sripada. Empirically Investigating Imaginative Resistance. British Journal of Aesthetics 54: 339-355.

Stephanie Ross. When Critics Disagree: Prospects for Realism in Aesthetics. Philosophical Quarterly 64: 590-618.

Julian Dodd. The Possibility of Profound Music. British Journal of Aesthetics 54:299-322.

Dustin Stokes. Cognitive Penetration and the Perception of Art. Dialectica 68 (1):1-34.

Eileen John. Literature and Disagreement. Proceedings of the Aristotelean Society 114: 239-260.


Fab Flock Five Judges

Christopher Bartel (Appalachian State)
Julian Dodd (Manchester)
James Hamilton (Kansas State)
Christy Mag Uidhir (Houston)
James Shelley (Auburn)
Sarah Worth (Furman)
Nick Zangwill (Hull)

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