Aesthetics for Birds

Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art for Everyone


  1. 1981? Same year Arthur Danto's book, The Transfiguration of the Commonplace, came out?

  2. Without looking I was going to say 1979.

  3. Wow. Does anyone know of publications of any kind that make a case or list reasons for the relative un-importance of aesthetics within analytic, Anglo-American philosophy?

  4. I count 63 names on the list of nominating editors: has even one of them ever published anything in aesthetics?

  5. ^There is a link to in my comment, but the print on this page does not show it (at least on my computer).

  6. Miles, most of Stacie Friend's work is in aesthetics.

  7. There are at least four people on the list with important publications in aesthetics. Still, the ongoing neglect of aesthetics here is a joke.

  8. Why not make your (our) own nominations, then? If nobody bothers to read our work except us, then there's nobody but us to do the work of calling attention to the year's best.

  9. Michel, I'm working on just such a thing: what I call The AFB Fab Flock Five. More to come soon.

  10. Christy, FWIW (not much, I know!) I didn't mean to suggest that you should take on that extra work. Rather, all I had in mind was that readers should share their favourites of the year.

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