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April 25, 2014
by Aesthetics for Birds

Are There Objects of Olfactory Perception?

What follows is a guest post by Clare Batty. Clare is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Kentucky. She received her B.A. (Hons.) in Philosophy from Simon Fraser University in 1999, and her Ph.D. from MIT in 2007.  She works primarily in the philosophy of mind and, in particular, the philosophy of perception. Her current research focuses on olfactory experience. Her recent publications include “Olfactory Objects” (forthcoming, Perception and is Modalities, ed. S. Biggs, D., Stokes and M. Matthen, OUP), “The Illusion Confusion” (Frontiers), and “Smelling Lessons” (Philosophical Studies).  I want to start with a disclaimer.  I do not work in aesthetics.  Some of my future projects, however, will move toward discussions of olfaction and aesthetics.  What I want to do in the entry is fairly simple.  I want to draw some connections between what philosophers of perception, and the empirical researchers they draw from, discuss and show how that … Continue reading