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Maureen Eckert on Frege Coin & North Star Coin

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This is entry #30 in our 100 Philosophers, 100 Artworks, 100 Words Series.

Philosopher: Maureen Eckert

Artwork: Maureen Eckert, Frege Coin & North Star Coin, 2000: Mixed media, brass findings, plexiglass, enamel, acrylic paint, zirconium crystals.

Words: The first Star Coin I made was lost. It was a gift to someone who’d done something extraordinary that no one else had noticed. “You can carry it,” I said, “for when you need something money cannot buy.”  Inscribed on the back, from Rilke’s “Lament”:

And surely, of all the stars that perished
long ago,
one still exists.
I think I know
which one it is –
which one, at the end of its beam in the sky,
stands like a white city…

The Frege and North Star Coins still survive.  They can be given, not sold, at least by me.

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  1. Beautiful photograph, too.

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