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AFB Artworld Championship 2015 Tourney Winners!!!


AFB Artworld Championship
2015 Tournament Winner
George Eliot, Middlemarch
The complete tourney bracket can be found here
AFB Tourney Bracket Challenge
Honorable Mention
Anthony Cross (73pts)
3rd Place
Ben Bramble (84pts)
2nd Place
**Winner of a six-pack of AFB Stickers**
James Young (100pts)
1st Place
**Winner of The Sucklord All-Star Frankenstein Figure**
Amy Kind (108pts)



2 thoughts on “AFB Artworld Championship 2015 Tourney Winners!!!

  1. Amy correctly predicted 91% of 1st-Round Match-ups, 69% of 2nd-Round Match-ups, 50% of the Sweet Sixteen, 50% of the Elite Eight, and 100% of both the Final Four and the Championship Round.


  2. Wait… which Middlemarch won? There are several versions–are they all the same work?


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