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March 15, 2018
by Aesthetics for Birds

Where to Study Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art

This post provides all of the information that is currently available about where to formally study aesthetics and philosophy of art. Note: There is a more recent version of this post here, from December 2020. It also includes a request for help from those working on aesthetics and philosophy of art in universities in the English-speaking world. Kathleen Stock (Sussex) has created a document that aims to comprehensively catalog all faculty working in these areas. But we need your help to fill it in!

December 9, 2014
by Aesthetics for Birds

Philosophical Gourmet Report & Philosophy of Art Specialty Rankings

The 2014 Philosophical Gourmet Report is now live (here) along with the results of the Philosophy of Art Specialty Rankings (here). A few initial observations to get some discussion going: 1. As has always been the case, the rankings are largely based upon the presence of a single senior faculty member working in the field. 2. Here’s a quick breakdown of the seven evaluators for the Philosophy of Art Specialty Ranking: # of women: 0/7 # who work primarily in History of Philosophy: 3/7 # of junior faculty: 1/7 # with degrees from US programs: 4/7 # with positions that are currently or have primarily been located outside US: 5/7 3. I’d be interested to see how the rankings square with the data collected here, here, and here.