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ASA Announces New “Green Membership” Option


The American Society for Aesthetics is pleased to announced that the ASA Board of Trustees has unanimously approved adding a “Green Membership” option, commencing on January 1, 2017.

The traditional print membership will continue, at the same dues rates in 2017 as 2016. Features of the Green Membership option include:

  • All member benefits except any and all mailing of print materials, including JAAC, the ASA Newsletter, and any additional postal mailings during the green membership term;
  • Green members will continue to be able to access all JAAC issues in the Wiley On-Line Library (which commences with Vol. 59-2011) immediately upon publication; access to the Wiley On-Line Library is restricted to 100 pages/day;
  • Green members will be able to access all current and archived issues of the ASA Newsletter on the ASA web site via the member log-in;
  • A reduction in dues ranging from $3/year (domestic) to $18/year (international).

The switch to green membership can only occur at the end of a current member term on December 31. We regret that pro-rating existing memberships and providing rebates is not feasible for ASA. As all student memberships are for one-year only, all student members will be eligible for green membership when they renew January 1, 2017.

Membership renewals are available on the ASA site three months before expiration (October 1). The green membership option will be included for all memberships expiring 12/31/2016.

Currently, brand new members who join ASA in the last three months of the year are extended to 12/31 of the next calendar year. This will continue and new members joining in October-December 2016 may join as a green member for the entire period through 12/31/2017.

We caution that persons who expect to need print copies of JAAC or the ASA Newsletter in the future should decline the green membership option. ASA will not be able to provide print copies to authors published in JAAC or the ASA Newsletter, whether articles, discussion essays, or reviews.


  • An international student currently pays $50/year ($35 dues + $15 international mailing surcharge). With a green membership, that student will pay only $32/year, total.
  • An international regular member currently pays $95/year ($80 dues + $15 international mailing surcharge). With a green membership, that member will pay only $77/year, total.

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