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Ergo Launches 1st Issue


Ergo, an Open Access Journal of Philosophy published its first issue today.

"Ergo an open access journal of philosophy. Premier issue now available!"

The first issue includes four papers plus an editorial with the data about submissions and turnaround times. Managing Editors Jonathan Weisberg & Franz Huber (Toronto) have really done an outstanding job. It’s a shame that more philosophers of art didn’t submit something.

Also, as part of a multi-pronged coordinated philosophical strike, four blog posts have now appeared, one on each of the four papers in the first issue. Below are the links:

Julia Jorati (OSU) on a paper in early modern by Paul Lodge (Oxford): Here

Anna Mahtani (LSE) on a paper by Michael Caie (Pittsburgh): Here

Ellen Clark (Oxford) on a paper in philosophy of biology by Christopher Hitchcock (Caltech) and Joel Velasco (Texas Tech): Here

Thomas Nadelhoffer (Charleston) on a paper in experimental philosophy by John Turri (Waterloo): Here

Come on, Aestheticians! Ergo is not only swimming in prestige but more importantly cares enough to appoint two area editors for Philosophy of Art & Aesthetics (myself and Catharine Abell). How about you return that love with some kick-ass submissions.

[First 10 papers submitted receive a coupon good for one Revise-&-Resubmit

Just Kidding: Desk rejections for all!]

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