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The “Uncanny” Life and Philosophy of Joseph Margolis: A Farewell

What follows is a guest post by Andrea Lorenzo Baldini (Nanjing University) talking about the life and philosophy of the recently passed Joseph Margolis (Temple University)

The philosopher of art Joseph Margolis passed away on June 8th of this year. I received the news about his passing while I was riding the subway on my way to a meeting with one of my students. The sad update was mentioned in an email that a common friend sent to me. Joe, as we usually called him, was 97 years old, born on May 16, 1924. He received his PhD from Columbia in 1953, where he met – among others – the influential philosopher and art critic Arthur Danto. He started teaching at Temple University in 1968, and would never retire.

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Philosophy of Street Art Conference (March 5th-7th)

Philosophy of Street Art: Art in and of the Street is a conference  sponsored by Pratt InstituteAmerican Society for Aesthetics, and New York Institute of Philosophy.
The three day conference will take place at Pratt Institute and NYU.
Alison Young (University of Melbourne) is the keynote and an artist panel and discussion will feature: ELBOW-TOE (Brian Adam Douglas), Leon Reid IVTatyana Fazlalizadeh, and HOTTEA.
The conference is free and open to the public. No registration is required.
View the full schedule and locations.
For general inquires contact
The conference is made possible by generous donations from:
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The 2014 Philosophical Gourmet Report is now live (here) along with the results of the Philosophy of Art Specialty Rankings (here).

A few initial observations to get some discussion going:

1. As has always been the case, the rankings are largely based upon the presence of a single senior faculty member working in the field.

2. Here’s a quick breakdown of the seven evaluators for the Philosophy of Art Specialty Ranking:

  • # of women: 0/7
  • # who work primarily in History of Philosophy: 3/7
  • # of junior faculty: 1/7
  • # with degrees from US programs: 4/7
  • # with positions that are currently or have primarily been located outside US: 5/7

3. I’d be interested to see how the rankings square with the data collected here, here, and here.


AFB Fab Flock Five 2012 & 2013

Many of you may recall the previous discussion (here) about the near total absence in Philosophers’ Annual of articles dealing with issues in Philosophy of Art & Aesthetics. In response, many of you suggested AFB host its own annual recognition of outstanding papers in the field. Well, here you are.

A panel of nine judges were tasked with nominating what they thought to be particularly outstanding papers published in 2012 and 2013 (judges could not nominate their own work). From those nominations, five papers were selected for each year. I present to you…

The AFB Fab Flock Five
2012 & 2013!

 The Fab Flock Five 2012

A.W. Eaton. Robust Immoralism. Journal Of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 70: 281-292.

Stacie Friend. Fiction as Genre. Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 112: 179-209.

Robert Hopkins. Factive Pictorial Experience: What is Really Special about Photographs? Nous 46: 709-731.

Carolyn Korsmeyer. Touch and the Experience of the Genuine. British Journal of Aesthetics 52: 365-377.

Richard Moran. Kant, Proust, and the Appeal of Beauty. Critical Inquiry 38: 298-329.

The Fab Flock Five 2013

Fabian Dorsch. Non‐Inferentialism About Justification: The Case of Aesthetic Judgements. Philosophical Quarterly 63: 660-682.

Gabriel Greenberg. Beyond Resemblance. Philosophical Review 122: 215-287.

Louise Hanson. The Reality of (Non‐Aesthetic) Artistic Value. Philosophical Quarterly 63: 492-508.

Aaron Meskin, Mark Phelan, Margaret Moore, & Matthew Kieran. Mere Exposure to Bad Art. British Journal of Aesthetics 53: 139-164.

James Shelley. Hume and the Joint Verdict of True Judges. Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 71: 145-153.


Fab Flock Five Judges

Catharine Abell (Manchester)
Susan Feagin (Temple)
James Harold (Mt. Holyoke)
Robert Hopkins (NYU)
Sherri Irvin (Oklahoma)
Jennifer Judkins (UCLA)
Christy Mag Uidhir (Houston)
Derek Matravers (Open University)
Aaron Meskin (Leeds)

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Ergo Launches 1st Issue

Ergo, an Open Access Journal of Philosophy published its first issue today.


The first issue includes four papers plus an editorial with the data about submissions and turnaround times. Managing Editors Jonathan Weisberg & Franz Huber (Toronto) have really done an outstanding job. It’s a shame that more philosophers of art didn’t submit something.

Also, as part of a multi-pronged coordinated philosophical strike, four blog posts have now appeared, one on each of the four papers in the first issue. Below are the links:

Julia Jorati (OSU) on a paper in early modern by Paul Lodge (Oxford): Here

Anna Mahtani (LSE) on a paper by Michael Caie (Pittsburgh): Here

Ellen Clark (Oxford) on a paper in philosophy of biology by Christopher Hitchcock (Caltech) and Joel Velasco (Texas Tech): Here

Thomas Nadelhoffer (Charleston) on a paper in experimental philosophy by John Turri (Waterloo): Here

Come on, Aestheticians! Ergo is not only swimming in prestige but more importantly cares enough to appoint two area editors for Philosophy of Art & Aesthetics (myself and Catharine Abell). How about you return that love with some kick-ass submissions.

[First 10 papers submitted receive a coupon good for one Revise-&-Resubmit

Just Kidding: Desk rejections for all!]

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Philosophers’ Carnival #162

Aesthetics for Birds is pleased to host the 162nd Philosophers’ Carnival. Get your department pools in order because here’s the 2014 March Philosophico-Blogospheric Madness Sweet Sixteen!

Of course, what would March Madness be without its Final Four, all of which just so happen to be home town favorites here at Aesthetics for Birds:

Finally, since March was an especially nasty month for the philosophical blogosphere, I’ve decided to award the top seed in the Philosophers’ Carnival Bracket to Surprised Kitty

That’s it for the 162nd edition of Philosophers’ Carnival. Look for the 163rd edition next month at The Indian Philosophy Blog.