Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art for Everyone


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The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP) seeks a new area editor for Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art.

The IEP is a great resource and well worth contributing to. From their “About” page:

At present, the IEP has over a million visitors per month, and about 20 million page views per year. The Encyclopedia is free of charge and available to all users of the Internet world-wide.

The primary tasks for IEP area editors are:

  1. maintaining a list of desired articles in their area,
  2. recruiting authors for articles,
  3. coordinating peer evaluation of articles submitted,
  4. keeping accurate records of which articles are in which phase of production, and
  5. assuring that final manuscripts comply with the author guidelines.

For more detailed guidelines, see here.

Anyone interested in the position should contact Jim Fieser at

If you’re interested in helping the IEP, but don’t have the time to devote to being an editor, here are some options.

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