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Two special notes this week:
1. It’s the Christmas edition of Whispers of Power! Merry Christmas to readers celebrating the holiday.
2. On a more somber note, our thoughts are with our series artist Jörg Reckhenrich, a Berlin resident, in light of the awful events at the Berlin Christmas Market.


House of Cards, Season 3, Episode 7, 46:46

Title: Loneliness

Description: The quietest moment in the story is a poetic one. Separated from his wife Claire (Robin Wright), Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) faces true loneliness. In this image, the darkness threateningly creeps up from behind him, as his sole companion and most faithful ally has disappeared.

Readers, please help us by supplying a caption for this image! As a reminder, the winning caption will be hand-drawn into the blank space below the image. The reader who supplies the winning caption will receive a signed print and be named an official collaborator for this piece. Submit captions below in the comments!

Contest closes Saturday at noon (US, EST). Winner announced Sunday. Next piece up in one week! Keep tabs on the project and contest at the project website here, review the details of it at the previous post here, or see previous posts in this series here.

10 thoughts on “WHISPERS OF POWER #11

  1. Here is the story behind the picture and why I have chosen it. I saw the sequence and pushed the button on hold. The picture was perfect, it reminded me to some of Vermeers paints. The light is coming from a strong source from the side, illuminating the scenery and fading away to the rest of the space, which makes it somehow miraculous.


  2. I saw in the internet at a poster in Berlin at Breitscheid place…Here is the quote: The light is stronger as the dark


  3. We never tire of looking at each other –
    Only the mountain and I.
    – Li Po


  4. Parting is all we know of heaven,
    And all we need of hell.
    – Emily Dickinson


  5. Here’s an interesting one:

    “Contemplating the strange, I’m comforted
    By this narcotic thought: I know my soul.”

    from poet Claude McKay


  6. “You can only lose something that you have. You cannot lose something you are.”
    -Jim Morrison


  7. Hey Aron, the doors are always most welcome 🙂
    Great quote for the piece – thanks


  8. Does anything really happens when you’re alone? Or is it all a game your imagination made up just to sooth you?


  9. Silence could be a great listener
    Unfortunately I’m not a great talker


  10. If I could cradle myself
    I would


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