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Whispers of Power #1 Winner

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Aaaaand – we have a winner! Congratulations Jonathan! (Email me with your contact details for your prize!)

“Moral people are the most revengeful of mankind: they employ their morality as the best and most subtle weapon of vengeance.”

―Lev Shestov, “All Things are Possible” (1905)

House of Cards, Season 2, episode 13, 58:08.

Title: Knock on Wood

Description: The opening image for our series depicts a frame from the climactic final scene of Season Two. Now, Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is President. Here he stands in the place of power, behind the presidential desk that he has envied and toward which he’s plotted and schemed for so long. He performs his trademark double-knock on the table, and the screen goes black.

Next piece up tomorrow! Keep tabs on the project and contest at the project website here, or review the details of it at the previous post here.

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  1. Beautiful things break down so slowly that you only notice when you cut yourself to the shards of glass. I’m falling down, but somehow something remains

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