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The ASA Board of Trustees has approved a new Call for Proposals for supporting events in North American to introduce promising undergraduate and graduate students to aesthetics. The ASA anticipates funding up to four student conferences per calendar year, commencing in 2017.

ASA welcomes proposals from ASA members, sponsored by their home department or a regional consortium, to conduct such events, beginning in 2017. A typical event would occur on a Saturday or Friday-Saturday. It would be free of registration charges to students and supervising faculty. It would be promoted among philosophy and related departments in the geographical region of the event. If an event is successful, it could be eligible for continued annual or bi-annual support from ASA. In setting dates, applicants should consultant with the secretary-treasurer of ASA to avoid conflicts with other ASA events.

Proposals can be submitted at any time, but it is strongly suggested that they be submitted at least six months before the planned event to allow for adequate publicity and planning. Proposals should be designated as the conference of a particular city or region, not an individual campus.  E.g., the Chicago-area Student Conference on Aesthetics or the New England Student Conference on Aesthetics.

Proposals should show how the event will accomplish the following:

  • Introduce students in philosophy and related fields to aesthetics, e.g., with presentations by professionals through engaging talks or panel discussions
  • Provide a showcase for a few papers by students, with commentary, to demonstrate work in the discipline
  • Recruit students from the region to attend
  • Introduce students to information about graduate and undergraduate programs offering aesthetics courses and research
  • Publicize the events broadly through the  region, e.g., with a web site, digitized publicity poster
  • Evaluate the success of the event

Budgets up to $3500 for the event are eligible and could include:

  • Travel  and honorarium for a keynote speaker from the profession
  • Travel and honoraria for panel presentations by professionals in the field
  • Travel support for student papers selected in formal review
  • Travel support for students to attend, e.g., mileage for students and faculty to drive to the event
  • Meeting room rental
  • AV costs for events
  • Catering, e.g., continental breakfast, coffee break, buffet luncheon, reception
  • Design costs for publicity poster that can be digitized for electronic distribution

Cost-sharing from the host institution is encouraged and might include, e.g.:

  • Student assistance at the event
  • Web design and publicity
  • Reduced cost for rental of meeting room and AV

Inquiries and draft proposals should be submitted at any time to:

The complete CFP is available here:

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