Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art for Everyone


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Here are the precious few aesthetics jobs, gathered in one spot.

Update: One expired job has been deleted. Thanks to Michael X for the update – check the comments for another couple of ads. And do follow the ASA Facebook page for further info.

(Note: If you are on a search committee and are specifically seeking aesthetics and philosophy of art in some capacity, and your job isn’t listed here, please let me know.)

(Note 2: If you work outside academia and would be interested in hiring people with Philosophy PhDs working on aesthetics, please let me know and I’ll post those job ads as well.)

Aesthetics Jobs:


Wesleyan University, College of Letters. AOS Aesthetics and Continental. Especially desirable: teaching competence in the history of philosophy from the 17th-19th centuries. [PhilJobs link]



Job ads that express some interest in aesthetics:

UCLA (TT, Open rank). AOS open, but especially looking for metaphysics, mind, logic, 19th century philosophy, or aesthetics. [PhilJobs link]

Bowling Green State University (TT). AOS Social and Political Philosophy, or Ethics. AOC Continental. Welcomes applicants who can also teach undergraduate aesthetics. [PhilJobs link]

University of Tampa (TT). AOS Feminist Philosophy. Must be able to teach undergraduate Modern Philosophy (i.e., 17th and 18th century European philosophy from Descartes through Kant), as well as courses in at least some of the following areas: philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, environmental philosophy, metaphysics & epistemology, applied ethics, ethics, logic, philosophy of race/Africana philosophy, philosophy of art/aesthetics, and philosophy of film. [PhilJobs link]

One thought on “AESTHETICS JOBS

  1. Unfortunately, the Dickinson job expired last November.Dickinson *is*hiring this year (on the TT), but it’s in practical ethics.

    For a few more days, however, there’s an 80%-time position at Robert Gordon University (

    There’s also the weird, scammy-looking job at Fort Valley State U. (

    Readers should totally be checking the ASA’s FB page, too. Julie van Camp has been finding and posting jobs as they come out–even those in ther fields for which some of us might plausibly make a case.


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