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6 thoughts on “Monday Match-Up: Busta Rhymes vs. Matt & Kim

  1. Sorry Matt and Kim you just got murderated. Busta Rhymes +1000000


  2. Remember, Giles, the vote is not for the song as much as it is for the video. Despite Busta having the Hi-Pro Glow (fucking best line ever), I'm not sure its enough to warrant a seven figure bonus over the cleverly cute and fun Matt & Kim.


  3. My mistake. So if the clip is a different artwork than the music, then the music shouldn't enter into the judgement at all, should it? Well not the pure strength of the song at least, although how well the song relates to the clip would of course be a factor. I suspect it is hard for the audience to remain in a state of disinterest regarding the music when judging a clip though. Thoughts?


  4. I take the principle evaluative criteria to be:

    Is the song slammin'?

    Is the video tight?

    Does the one (e.g., the way in and degree to which the song is slammin') positively bear upon the other (e.g., the way in and degree to which the video is tight) so as to promote an experience more artistically/aesthetically worthwhile than that of the summed individual experiences?


  5. But of course not all experiences while watching the clip go to the artistic value of the clip. The pleasure provoked by the music goes to the value of the music, while it is only the pleasure provoked by the clip (i.e. the bits that the director created) that goes to the value of the clip. Of course that would include how well the clip goes with the music, but we still need to see the two as separate artworks.


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