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6 thoughts on “Monday Match-Up: Basement Jaxx vs. Sinead O’Connor

  1. Sinéad O'Connor! Easy pick – classic song, classic video.


  2. Also that Basement Jaxx song is effing annoying. Dislike.


  3. Sinéad +1.

    But I'd have to disagree with Giles that the Basement Jaxx is `effing annoying`. If anything, it was just overplayed, which is not their or the song's fault….


  4. Basement Jaxx on the strength of the video. Headline: Battling monkeys defeat floating head


  5. It was overplayed, you're right, but I haven't heard it for years and still have no desire to. Annoying can be annoying whether you hear it every day or not.


  6. P.D. – Even when the floating head sheds a solitary tear in an unscripted outpouring of pure emotion?


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