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Aesthetics Abroad: Upcoming UK Talks

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I’ll be giving a series of lectures across England in the coming few weeks and so AFB might be less bustling than normal in my absence. My apologies in advance for this.

For those interested, below are the dates, titles, and locations for my upcoming talks:

Christy Mag Uidhir presents…

The Revisionary As All Get Out Get-Out…Get Out!

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Saturday, September 20th
“Everyone’s a Critic: Art Intuitions & Epistemic Privilege”
Panel Symposium: Aesthetic Intuitions
w/ Stacie Friend (Birkbeck) & Jonathan Weinberg (Arizona)
St. Anne’s College, Oxford

Monday, September 22nd
Mentoring Madness
w/ Catharine Abell, Jonathan Weinberg, & Aaron Meskin
University of Leeds

Tuesday, September 23rd
“Artistic Value & the Concept of Artistic Luck”
University of Leeds 
September 24th
“The Nature of Artistic Achievement”
Philosophy Colloquia
University of Manchester

September 25th
“Artistic Serendipity vs. Artistic Luck”
Institute of Philosophy

October 1st
“Achievement & Value in Art”
Philosophy Colloquium
University of Hull

October 3rd
“Dance with Them What Brung You:
Descriptive Constraints on Prescriptive Theories of Art”
Symposium on Meta-Aesthetics
University of Kent

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