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AFB Philosophy Contest (Reminder)

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In celebration of August as Covers Month, AFB is holding a PHILOSOPHY CONTEST related to the philosophical issues surrounding the Cover Song. Here’s what you need to know:
Background: Cover bands (also known as tribute bands) aim to faithfully reproduce the music (live performances) of the bands they cover (e.g., Fan Halen is a Van Halen cover band, BC/DC is an AC/DC cover band from British Columbia, Iron Maidens is an all-female Iron Maiden cover band).

Assignment: In 50 words or fewer, provide a argument that answers the following question:
Can a band be it’s own cover band (e.g., can Iron Maiden be an Iron Maiden cover band)?
Submit your entries via email to [Subject: AFB Covers Contest] by August 30th to be eligible to win.

2nd Prize: a 6-pack of AFB Logo Stickers
1st Prize: a 6-pack of AFB Logo Stickers & an AFB T-shirt

All entries will be anonymized and evaluated by an independent judge who will then select the winners (in consultation with/pending final approval from yours truly).


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