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The Year in Review

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It’s been an exciting six months since the launch of Aesthetics for Birds. With an average of 6,000 views a month due to an embarrassment of philosophical riches, Aesthetic for Birds has proudly soared into the blogosphere where it shall no doubt remain aloft for 2014.
This year promises to be just as exciting as the last thanks to a stellar line-up of guest bloggers and artist interviews, not to mention a much-needed forthcoming site overhaul and redesign courtesy of a generous grant from the American Society for Aesthetics.  
Many thanks to the readership and to the following folk who helped make 2013 a banner year for Intertubally-Based Aesthetics:
Christopher Bartel
Helen de Cruz
Simon Fokt
Gabriel Greenberg
Allan Hazlett
Andrew Huddleston
Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins
Troy Jollimore
Matthew Kadane
Keith Lehrer
Shen-Yi Liao
P.D. Magnus
Mohan Matthen
David Orr
Zee Perry
Jesse Prinz
Mary Beth Willard
And of course, a special thanks to me for being so awesome. 

One thought on “The Year in Review

  1. I like this blog, I am glad I found it.


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