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Conference on Evaluative Perception

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Good News: Over the last 10 years or so there has been a noticeable increase in the number of truly outstanding conferences dedicated to issues either within Philosophical Aesthetics or at its various points of intersection with other philosophical subfields. 

Bad News: These conferences are increasingly, if not now almost exclusively, based in the UK or Continental Europe. As a result, US-based Aestheticians, at least those without obscene personal travel allowances, find themselves unable to do more than stare with aching longing at all the shiny conference programs filled with philosophical delights just out of reach.

Case in point: the upcoming three-day conference on Evaluative Perception at University of Glasgow (Sept. 15-18) featuring keynote talks from:

Robert Audi (Notre Dame)
Dominic Lopes (British Colombia)
Jack Lyons (Arkansas)
Sarah McGrath (Princeton)
Paul Noordhof (York)
Susanna Siegel (Harvard)
Kathleen Stock (Sussex)
Dustin Stokes (Utah)
Pekka Väyrynen (Leeds)
Conference details can be found here

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