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Awesome Things to Come #2: Interviews with Artists

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For Awesome Things to Come #1 go here.

In addition to featuring guest posts from various philosophers working or with interests in Philosophical Aesthetics,  I’ll also be conducting and featuring interviews with established artists and critics from across the Arts. The idea here is to help bridge the gulf between The Artist and The Philosopher of Art by actively engaging these artists about the various philosophical aspects of their artworks as well as the extent to which they might take such issues to figure in the production, appreciation, or evaluation of those works. To this end, I have thus far confirmed the following utterly fantastic and star-studded line-up of Artists (official schedule coming soon):

Jonathan Santlofer: Award-winning visual artist and New York Times best-selling fiction author (more info here).

Kyle Killen: Film & Television writer and producer and the author of the screenplay for the 2011 film The Beaver (2011) and the writer/creator of the critically acclaimed 2012 television series Awake (more info here).

Matthew Kadane: Musician and founding member of the indie rock bands Bedhead & The New Year (more info here & here).

David Orr: Award winning New York Times Book Review poetry critic and author of Beautiful & Pointless: A Guide to Modern Poetry (more info here).

The Sucklord: New York pop artist, designer, and creative mastermind behind Suckadelic Enterprises (more info here & here).

Rachel Hecker: Painter and 2013 Texas Artist of the Year (more info here & here)

Curtis Gannon: Emerging visual artist (more info here).

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