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Awesome Things to Come #1: Guest Bloggers

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In addition to posting my own philosophical ruminations and commentary on Aesthetics-related goings-on in the profession, I’ll be providing a forum for philosophers at various career stages to talk about their work/interests in Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art. To this end, I’ve thus far confirmed the following truly spectacular line-up of guest bloggers (official schedule coming soon):

Catharine Abell (Manchester)

Luvell Anderson (Memphis)

Clare Batty (Kentucky)

Aili Bresnahan (Dayton)

Gabriele Contessa (Carleton)
Roy Cook (Minnesota)
Helen de Cruz (Oxford)
Simon Fokt (St. Andrews)
Karen Gover (Bennington)
Gabriel Greenberg (UCLA)
Allan Hazlett (Edinburgh)
Allison Hepola (Samford)
Darren Hick (Texas Tech)
Andrew Huddleston (Oxford)
Sherri Irvin (Oklahoma)
Andrew Kania (Trinity)
Amy Kind (Claremont McKenna)
John Kulvicki (Dartmouth)
Sam Liao (Nanyang)
Sheila Lintott (Bucknell)
Hans Maes (Kent)
P.D. Magnus (SUNY Albany)
Mohan Matthen (Toronto)
Margaret Moore (Tennessee-Knoxville)
Aaron Meskin (Leeds)
Zee Perry (NYU)
Henry Pratt (Marist)
Jesse Prinz (CUNY)
Nick Riggle (NYU)
Bill Seeley (Bates)
Sandra Shapshay (Indiana)
Nick Stang (Miami)
Mary-Beth Willard (Weber State)

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